So, I bought this amplifier here: See Amazon Page to come before Christmas and it sure did and I am so glad I bought this thing! It is hands down probably the best experience I have had with a product from China. It came with Prime, so from the UK, right? No, it’s got Chinese writing all on it. It’s like they want people to not buy it cause it’s from China. Anyway, it came with a cable to convert the input jacks to a 3.5mm AUX cable so you can use a phone/laptop or whatever, however, it also has a jack on the front to connect a 3.5mm AUX cable anyway. I turned it on using the converter cable and it works a treat! A little bit of hiss when music isn’t playing, but I mean, just turn it off! Cannot be heard during playback. It has positive and neutral terminals for 2 speakers (left and right) and a port for a subwoofer. It has knobs to change the bass, treble and volume and also a fancy knob to change ‘SuperBASS’ volume (subwoofer volume). I don’t have a subwoofer so I leave on a full, as when at full it has a cool blue light that flickers with the bass of the music, that I like. Volume control is good and sound quality is fantastic. Overall, a fantastic product, I would totally recommend and buy again at that price point!