Cloud Computing and Storage: Good or Bad?

Now, cloud computing may seem that it is the way to go and the most efficient storage system ever to be created, but for companies and everyday users, cloud computing may not be your best option. Why?

  1. Cloud computing and storage is expensive
    It doesn’t matter if you’re a million pound business, or just someone looking for a way to store and retrieve their data easily, cloud storage is expensive. You may say that Google Drive is free, but there are limitations: for one, the upload and download speeds are painstakingly awful. Just a single video file, can take up to 20-30 minutes to upload. If you really want quick, while simple cloud storage, you’re going to have to pay.
  2. Servers go down
    Let’s be honest, you must have seen one of your favourite go down. Whether if it’s a fault with the drives, network or anything really, possibly even a storm, it will go down. Just because you’re paying, doesn’t mean this won’t happen to your cloud storage. Now, I know that if you store it at home or in your building, those things could happen, but it’s your data, so you’re data is priority. If you are using cloud storage, there aren’t thousands or millions of other people’s data that need to be saved. It’s just you meaning you can try and save your data
    But, are there any reasons you should go cloud? Yes, have a look:
  1. You haven’t got to worry
    If the servers go down, it won’t be your problem and you can let the company providing your service do the hard work for you, bringing back up the servers. Yes you could have staff on hand to do this, but this only happens a bit, so you won’t be unnecessarily hiring staff to fix the servers when they aren’t down. If the power’s down, UPSs (Power supply generators, a.k.a. fancy batteries for computers) are there, but you don’t have to buy them. They just keep the power on until they get backed up
  2. It’s super easy and efficient
    Let’s be honest, if you have ever user cloud computing before, you must have that feeling, that it’s just so easy. Upload, download, done. That’s cloud computing. On-site storage, though. That’s: set it up, have problems, fix it, upload, problems, download, problems… With cloud storage it truly is a breeze to use.

Sugar Puffs = Honey Monster Puffs! What A Faff!

Image result for honey monster puffs vs sugar puffs

So! I wanted some more cereal for my mornings or those moments when your hungry, but don’t want to be greedy and get a chocolate bar! And I like to return to my old favourite cereals that I had when I was younger and I have previously returned to: Rice Krispies, Hot Weetabix and Weetabix Choc Chip Minis!

So, this time I was to return to my once beloved Sugar Puffs… So I went to a sketchy corner shop and they were there! Great! So I picked them up and put them in the basket, but them my mum noticed something was different… Previously, they were named Sugar Puffs, but the one I had picked up at this sketchy McColl’s corner shop were named, Honey Monster Puffs. So I put them down and grabbed some Weetabix Choc Chip Minis.

The next day, I was at Sainsbury’s and I went to the cereal aisle and Yep… You guessed it! There they were, Honey Monster Puffs. So, I was confused so I searched it up. According to some sources, Sugar Puffs were previously owned by Quaker Oats, owners of Oats so Simple, but they were sold to Brecks Food, which are trading as Honey Monster Foods!

Right! So, the next question is why ‘Honey Monster Puffs’?! Well, the name ‘Sugar Puffs’ was removed due to many requests of concerning parents about the amount of sugar was in the product, all due to the name, so, Brecks did the only thing they could, change the name. But, what an awful name choice!

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