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Eddie's Tech

Film Week with JoeOM

When we went on holiday to the Lake District me and JoeOM had a week of productiveness by making a film each day! Here they all are and there summary…

1. GIANTproblem

A young explorer ventures up a mountain, knowing very little of the huge inconveniences he will face…

2. 50 Miles East

A mysterious and eccentric wizard spirit sends an adventurer out on a very long and very special quest. But will he bring back the right thing?

3. The Search for Internet

A child is eager to upload one YouTube video, but the wifi is too bad. He then goes on an adventure to find the best hotspot. Will he find one?

4. Rumbled: The Pizza Theif

The Rumbled team are asked to help arrest a theif that has stolen a bite of pizza, but will there trap work?


In a post apocalyptic future, nearly everyone on Earth now has the same face, those who do not conform with this must be hunted down.

6. The Serial Treasure

Two young adventures have found a hidden treasure map, but what route will it take them and what is it leading to?