Me as a person

Who is Eddie?

Good question! I am Eddie Coldrick, a -year-old from Manchester, UK.

I have been asked to "define myself" for school, so here goes... I like helping people, I guess. That's how most of my projects arise. A want from myself or others. Take Coldricalcs for example. I am coding it right now and the whole thing is supposed to be an inclusive Virtual Learning Environment. Since I am a student, I know what I (and other students) want in a VLE. I am always looking to improve my skillset, even though I am aware that at least a handful of people have already done whatever I am trying to do but better than I could ever do it (which does hamper progress sometimes). This isn't necessarily just coding, composing, etc. it's academically too. I try and fill my time with productivity, my hobbies are still productive, unlike regular hobbies of people of my age like gaming. I'm not saying that people who do gaming or other hobbies are wrong, it's just my personal preference. I'd much rather code a game then play them. Literally, I'd rather do my maths homework than play a game.

I enjoy many things. Those include:


Music is awesome! I listen to all sorts of music, from 80s synth-pop to stock news intros and beds, along with some classics as well. Here are some of my favourite artists:

  • Anders Enger Jensen (Synth-pop) - Website // YouTube // Soundcloud
  • David Lowe (TV Music incl. BBC News Theme and Countdown) - Website // YouTube
  • Dave Hewson, Bill Baylis and Johnny Pearson (Stock Music News Intros and Beds incl. ITV News Theme) - APM Music
  • Rael Jones (TV, Film Music incl. BBC The Salisbury Poisonings) - Website // YouTube
  • Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (Film Music incl. The Social Network) - Website // YouTube
  • Steven Francis (All The Stations Themes and Beds) - YouTube
  • Pierre de Vitton performing as Peyruis (Non-copyright Royalty Free Electronic) - Website // YouTube // Soundcloud
  • Rob J Madin performing as Brett Domino (Funny videos and songs that illustrate the pure complexity of writing music, while also saying it's easy) - Website // YouTube
  • There's also bound to be people that I forgot...


You can see my movie reviews on my blog. (Sorry, my blog crashed and it all went wrong. I have the reviews on a backup, but I am struggling to transfer them to my new blog. I'll get them back eventually!)

I also like Films and TV Shows. Here are some of my favourites:

  • The Imitation Game
  • The Social Network
  • And many more...